Welcome to another edition of our blog series. Today, we’ll be taking a trip down memory lane to explore the LiteTouch system, a groundbreaking home automation solution. We’ll dissect its core functionality, unique features, and the journey that led to its creation. Crucially, we’ll also dive into its unfortunate fate after its acquisition by Savant. So, let’s dive in!



LiteTouch: The Game-Changer in Home Automation

LiteTouch was no ordinary system – it was a revolution in home automation. At its core, it was designed to integrate and control lighting systems in both commercial and residential environments effortlessly. The true power of LiteTouch was its ability to morph the ambiance of any room with a single button press, truly setting it apart from other offerings in the market. From dimming lights for a cozy movie night to brightening a room for an impromptu gathering, LiteTouch provided unprecedented control to its users.


The Journey of LiteTouch: Innovations and Milestones

LiteTouch’s story is a testament to what happens when brilliant minds come together to create something revolutionary. Its journey, marked by significant milestones and technological innovations, is a fascinating part of home automation history.

Founded in the late 1970s, LiteTouch set out to change the landscape of home automation. The company’s visionaries had a clear goal: to make home automation more accessible and customizable than ever before. Their innovative spirit led to the development of the first ever wireless, programmable lighting control system that offered users an unprecedented level of control and flexibility.

As the years passed, LiteTouch continued to innovate. Their product line expanded to include modules for controlling various types of electrical loads, from lights to motors. Each new addition was designed with the same attention to user convenience and flexibility that had been a hallmark of LiteTouch since its inception.

One of LiteTouch’s most significant milestones came in the form of its keypads. Unlike traditional switches, these keypads allowed users to control multiple lights or scenes from a single location. Not only did this simplify the control of lighting, but it also paved the way for aesthetic improvements, reducing wall clutter and offering customizable finishes to match any decor.

Throughout its journey, LiteTouch stayed committed to its core principle of creating user-friendly, customizable home automation solutions. Unfortunately, despite these innovations and contributions to the industry, LiteTouch was not able to stand the test of time. However, the impact it left on the home automation industry is undeniable and continues to be felt even today.


The End of an Era: Savant’s Acquisition of LiteTouch

Change is a constant in the world of technology, and LiteTouch was no exception. In 2012, the home automation industry was taken by surprise when Savant Systems, a leader in smart home technology, acquired LiteTouch.

Savant, known for its robust and comprehensive solutions, was seen as a perfect match to extend LiteTouch’s legacy. However, this union marked a significant turning point for LiteTouch and its users.

In the following years, Savant decided to discontinue the LiteTouch product line. The company focused on integrating LiteTouch’s capabilities into its own ecosystem, leading to the phasing out of standalone LiteTouch products.

This turn of events left LiteTouch users in a challenging situation. The systems they had come to rely on for seamless home automation were no longer being produced, and support for existing systems was gradually disappearing. Without the necessary software updates and hardware replacements, maintaining a LiteTouch system became a considerable challenge.

The aftermath of this acquisition has led many former LiteTouch users to seek alternative solutions for their home automation needs. One such solution is the modern, innovative technology offered by Loxone Home Automation.