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Lighting Control

Lighting impacts our moods throughout the day. Good lighting quality can help be in a good mood and induce happiness. Always be in a good mood at home with smart lightning that fully understands your needs and makes sure you have the light quality you need for every occasion.


Audio Controls

Music can change the way people feel. It can make people happy and relieve them from stress. Create great moments with music throughout your home. Whether it is singing to your favorite song in the shower, waking up with a nice song or playing lullabies for your kids when they go to bed, music should be part of your everyday life. Like Friedrich Nietzsche said: “Without music, life would be a mistake”



Being home does not have to be boring anymore. You can have the movie theater experience at home, with great sound and video quality, and best of all, you can control everything with a touch of a button. It is time to have fun!


Network / WiFi

Your network should be something you only install once and then forget about it. The network is a very important part of your smart home or office and needs to be reliable so you can enjoy the rest.


Temperature Control

Having a nice temperature throughout the house is something that seems impossible or very expensive, but not anymore! Enjoy every moment without worrying if it is hot, raining or cold outside. Your home knows what is happening, so it keeps you warm and cozy during winter and fresh in the summer, all based on efficiency and energy saving.


Pool Control

Having a pool is a lot of fun, but it is also a lot of work to keep it nice and clean. Let your home do all the filtering, temperature control, pH balance, water levels and more; then your family and guests can enjoy the pool with different ambient lights and music.



People think the more water plants have the better it is for them, but what if less water meant having a better looking yard? Sounds impossible, right? We will make it easy for you, once the system is in place, you can forget about your sprinklers and enjoy playing while your yard looks amazing


Shade Control

There is no place like home! And even better a Smart Home that understands the importance of natural light, energy saving and security control. You can have all this, while at the same time you enjoy the view, wake up with natural light or enjoy dinner with friends in the privacy of your home! All this at your fingertips.



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Temperature Control

Lighting Control

Audio and Video

Networking and WiFi

Custom Projects


All the projects we do are different because are custom design and installed for our customers, we have a variety of projects commercial and residential were we are happy we were able to help customers experience a true Smart Home, a Loxone Smart Home.


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