When you install Loxone miniserver at your house it makes it think like you. Loxone Smart Home knows your needs and performs multiple actions based on your lifestyle, but always having efficiency in mind. At Grizzly Tec we think Loxone is the smartest system that gives the highest IQ to your home. It will take care of thousands of actions throughout the year giving you more time to enjoy what it is important.

Nowadays there are many “Smart Home” products coming out to the market and probably the same number fail to stay in the market after one or two years. That is why after studying all the systems, we think Loxone is the best option available since it keeps the Smart Home simple and easy to use. Plus it really works!

With Loxone you can take control of different things in your house like: heating, lights, shading, irrigation, pool, alarm, access, multimedia, etc. That is the beauty of Loxone. It can integrate many things but the thing we like the most is if your internet is down, your home still works. That is something that only Loxone can do.

Intelligent Energy Managment

When not in use lights are switched off, temperature is lowered and any music is stopped plus it will read energy consumption and if you have solar panels it can decide to use appliances while you are producing free solar energy.

Keeping Watch

Your home is always looking out for you while you are sleep or away, it alerts you for any intruders and sound the alarm in an emergency and can call you to your phone letting you know what is happening. While the emergency it can light a path to safety. Overall Loxone Smart Home gives you peace of mind.

Simple Control

Living a Loxone Smart Home is as simple as flying in autopilot, to change anything a tap on the app or a single click on a switch is enough. With the Loxone controls you can manage lights, music, shades and more.

Always The Right Temperature

The temperature control in a house is normally a problem having rooms to cold and rooms to warm. With Loxone temperature is always pleasant because you can adjust it by room so you can have a cozy shower and a fresh sleep. Loxone system after a short learning curve will know exactly the heating and cooling needs of each room and responds accordingly, and when you are away from home it will adjust temperatures to save energy.

Special Lighting

One of the more important parts of the home design it is the lighting, it has the power of changing spaces and moods. With Loxone you can play with this lighting features changing colors, light sources and light intensity and this combinations can be saved in to moods so you can change them as easy as with a tap of a switch.

Music and Entertainment

Multi room audio allows you to listen to different music at different volumes in different rooms or you can have the same music throughout your home. With Loxone Audio system you can make the music follow you between rooms. The system is designed to be sleek but powerful at the same time so you can enjoy great sound.


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